How to buy real state in Mexico

How can a foreigner acquire a property in Mexico?
Who has the capacity to acquire property in Mexico?

Mexicans by birth or naturalization.
And Mexican companies have the right to acquire ownership of land, water and their accessions or to obtain mining or water exploitation concessions.
The State may grant the same right to foreigners provided that they agree before the Ministry of Relations to consider themselves as nationals with respect to said assets and not to invoke the protection of their governments with regard to those; under penalty, in case of breaching the agreement, of losing, for the benefit of the Nation, the assets that they may have acquired by virtue thereof. In a strip of one hundred kilometers along the borders and fifty on the beaches, for no reason may foreigners acquire direct control over land and water.

The foreigner alone cannot acquire ownership of the property, but rather the right of trustees,

How can you acquire a property in Mexico?

Acquire foreign nationality.
That has a Mexican company incorporated, with a foreigners exclusion clause or that have entered into the agreement referred to in said precept, may acquire ownership of real estate in the national territory.
Acquire it through a trust.
What is a trust: It is a contract through which a person called settlor transfers to another called trustee property or ownership of one or more assets to be used for lawful and determined purposes.

TRUSTOR: Individual or legal entity that constitutes a trust.

TRUSTEE: It is the person in charge of the settlor to carry out the purpose of the trust.

Only institutions expressly authorized to do so in accordance with the General Law of Credit Institutions can be trustees. Example banks.

TRUSTEE: Physical or moral person who receives the benefit derived from a trust. The buyer of a good.

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