Minimum Legal Regulation That A Company Must Have

What type of company are you? You are probably a company that makes something, sells or provides services to someone, right? Well, whatever type of business you are in, there are legal rules and regulations that you must follow if you want to stay in business.

What are the minimum areas that you must regulate in your company:

1) Corporate Law.- In everything related to the general part of companies, their birth and their internal organization.
Legislation: General Law of Mercantile Companies (regulates Mercantile Companies), Securities Market Law (regulates Investment Promotion Companies and Stock Market Companies) and Civil Code (regulates Civil Companies that in various cases can function as mercantile).

2) Civil Law.- In everything related to legal acts of companies and contracts.
Legislation: Federal Civil Code.

3) Intellectual Property Law.- In everything related to copyright, trademark registration, patents, industrial designs, confidentiality, utility models, etc.
Legislation: Federal Copyright Law; Industrial Property Law

4) Labor Law.- Relations with workers and unions.
Legislation: Federal Labor Law

5) Economic Competition.- Everything related to the regulation of companies in the markets.
Legislation: Federal Law of Economic Competition.

6) Commercial Code.- Everything related to the celebration of commercial acts
Legislation: Commercial Code and General Law of Credit Instruments and Operations.

7) Stock Market.- Everything related to companies that issue securities to the general public.
Legislation: Securities Market Law and General Law on Credit Instruments and Operations.

8 ) Fiscal Law.- Everything related to taxation.
Legislation: Income Tax Law, VAT Law, IEPS Law, Federal Tax Code, etc.

9) Consumer Law.- Everything related to end customers.
Legislation: Consumer Protection Law.

10) Foreign Investment.- Everything related to foreign investors in companies and the activities they can do in Mexico.
Legislation: Foreign Investment Law

11) Criminal Law.- Everything related to the crimes that can be committed by the Administrators and/or legal representatives of the companies.
Legislation: Federal Penal Code

12) Bankruptcy Law.- Everything related to companies that the Law considers insolvent.
Legislation: Bankruptcy Law.

In conclusion, it is necessary to develop the legal regulation of self-regulatory organizations of market participants. Companies must have policies established in their internal control to avoid fines, closures, cancellation of tax stamps, etc.

I hope this blog is of value to you, Follow us for more legal advice, nothing in this blog is considered advice, since each matter has its particularities.


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