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Notary Services

We provide notary services within Mexico and the United States of America; we provide assistance regarding any related procedure you may need whatsoever.


Management services

*Immigration proceedings, nationality, visa and passport.
*Proceedings for obtaining licenses.
*Federal non-criminal records within the city of Mexico.
*Registration of your legal entity before the Public Registry of Property.
*Any kind of proceeding which must be carried out before government institutions.



*Drafting and revision of contracts and agreements.
*Alimony for minors and individuals of age.
*Safeguarding and custody of minors.
*Legal custody.
*Change of surnames.
*Authorizations of minors to travel abroad.
*Others, related therewith.



*Drafting and revision of contracts and agreements in each trade act.
*Counseling and guidance during the trade process.
*Court and out-of-court actions for collection of expired portfolios.
*Management of ordinary and oral trade summary proceedings.
*Prevention of delinquent debtors.

signing agent


*Fair and unfair dismissal.
*Termination of labor relationship.
*Prevention of labor risk in accordance with Mexican legal provisions.
*Customized contracts and agreements.
*Labor audits.
*Prevention of the proceeding for dismissal, and controls required therein.
*Advice provided for workers on their rights –or their lack of rights- regarding different labor circumstances.
*Labor representation before the required instances.
*Evolution of labor positions.


Real Estate

*Civil protection of property rights.
*Any conflict whatsoever arising from property.
*Preservation and protection of assets.
*Forms of loss of title and trust, as well as precautionary measures and measure intended to challenge acts.
*Prevention and identification of transactions with unlawfully obtained resources.
*Any type of contracts and agreements, namely purchase agreements, mortgages, lease agreements, and collateral loan agreements, among others.
*Registration proceedings before the Public Registry of Property.
*Notary information and prevention, as well as proceedings in connection therewith.



*Organization of the company fitted to meet your needs and requirements.
*Alternative for conflict solution: mediation, arbitrament and conciliation.
*Drafting contracts and agreements with employees and with national or international suppliers, as well as any legal act which might require to be formalized by a contract or agreement.
*Advice on the protection and legal regulation of your business entity in compliance with Mexican statutory regulations and management before the pertaining regulating institutions such as the Tax Administration Service [SAT, as per its acronym in Spanish], the Mexican Institute of Social Security [IMSS, as per its acronym in Spanish], the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers [INFONAVIT, as per its acronym in Spanish], the Secretariat of Health, as well as Social Prevention banks and energy institutes, among others.
*Labor and fiscal audits.
*Solutions to legal disputes in general.
*Prevention of money laundering and protection of anti-money laundering law.
*Integral management of foreign companies within Mexico.



*Registration of individuals or legal entities, as well as following up of proceedings within the pertaining institution.
*Constant internal audits so you are not caught by surprise by the SAT and, therefore, reducing the chances of fines and proceedings against you.
*Armor and protection of vulnerable transactions.
*Litigation of any requirement, fine, encumbrance, audit, or any other kind of proceeding whatsoever before the SAT.


Information Technology

*Trade and e-signature.
*Protection of personal data and information security.
*Intellectual and industrial property.
*Consumer and user protection.
*Trademark and patent registration; copyright.



1.- Fill out Exhortation, requisitions, notifications, publications of edicts among others.
2.- Locations and embargoes.
3.- Process documentation before the governing bodies.
4.- Representation in the processes.
5.- Among others that are required by the requesting party.