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Corporate law is the branch of the law governing business entities and everything related thereto from a legal point of view, i.e. the different types of companies, the company/consumers relationship, tax analysis, contracts and agreements, and the labor field thereof, inter alia.
Vega Rubín & Associates understands that our clients are focused on achieving the highest levels of productivity possible for their companies or businesses, as well as on obtaining return on their investment as fast as possible. For such purposes, we would like to provide you with proper guidance at all stages of the cycle of life of your company or business.



  • Organization of the company fitted to meet your needs and requirements.
  • Alternative for conflict solution: mediation, arbitrament and conciliation.
  • Drafting contracts and agreements with employees and with national or international suppliers, as well as any legal act which might require to be formalized by a contract or agreement
  • Business compliance Officer.
  • Labor and fiscal audits.
  • Solutions to legal disputes in general.
  • Prevention of money laundering and protection of anti-money laundering law.
  • Integral management of foreign companies within Mexico.