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We handle all legal entities’ or individuals’ activities with the tax authorities regarding taxes,
duties and any obligation which you may have in connection therewith. Each day,
individuals and companies require an appropriate counselling in order not to be exposed
to potential penalties from the Tax Administration Service [SAT, as per its acronym in
Spanish] for any inconsistency whatsoever. This is vital, since every year the SAT closes
the possibility of tax evasion, among other activities. Therefore, our firm and skilled
specialists remain at your entire disposal so you can meet the requirements established
by law.



  • Registration of individuals or legal entities, as well as following up of proceedings within the pertaining institution.
  • Constant internal audits so you are not caught by surprise by the SAT and, therefore, reducing the chances of fines and proceedings against you.
  • Armor and protection of vulnerable transactions.
  • Litigation of any requirement, fine, encumbrance, audit, or any other kind of proceeding whatsoever before the SAT.